Passengers List

In June 2015, Suitcase Susie ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to introduce a new range of home textiles to the collections.

You can view the campaign here:

The textiles are now in the sample stage and will be available later this year. 

We gratefully acknowledge the following people (and those who wished to remain anonymous) for their support and joining Suitcase Susie on her journey:

First Class

Michelle Alderton

Aoiffe Baron

Kirsty Barton

Tony Braithwaite

Judith Brookfield

Yasmin Chopin

Lottie Cole

Gemma Dempsey

Amanda German

Katty Janneh

Juliet Leach

Simon Lyons

Ian Marriott-Smith

Victoria Marshall

Kim Moore

Richard Reed

Chloe Sadler

Valery Satterwhite

Caroline Sauret

Jenny Spouge

Rory Souter

Sian Thomas

Chari Vichit

Bobbie Williams

Baraka Zahabian

Frequent Flyer - Blue

Simon Allen

Teanne Andrews

Anila Babla

Debra Baida

Chelsey Baker

Steve Barratt-White

Frequent Flyer - Blue (cont)

Machel Bogues

Louise Brake

Rebecca Cahill Roots

Jason Canham

Rachel Church

Daniela Corti

Jane Cranshaw

Andrew Forth

Karen Gerard

Kerry Grapendaal

Mike Harrison

Edmund Jolliffe

Alainee Kent

Martha Koser-Hall

Joanne Leask

Saskia Lesser

Ghislaine Marriage

Kate McGhee

Maxine McKenzie

Andy Munro

Jo Nichols

Mandy Norman

Scott Owen

Donald Pickard

Hazel Pickard

Enid Pinder

Emilia Plotka

Harry Rich

Melissa Rose

Noor Saab

Helen Scholes

Kate Smith

Frequent Flyer - Blue (cont)

Mark Thompson

Patricia van den Akker

Laura Wainwright

Philippa Wainwright

Claire Wilkie

Adam Williamson

Maureen Wilson

Frequent Flyer - Bronze

Jenny & Greg Byfieldt

Lyndsey Booth

Liam Clifford

Leo Crane

Marsha van Moorsel

Claire Watkins

Frequent Flyer - Silver

Kate Blacker

Shenley Connolly

Jane Duncan

Karen Wilman

Linda Wright

Frequent Flyer - Gold

Amanda & Sonia - Coffee, Cake & Kisses

Rachel Henley

Stephen Hodder

John Lisiewicz

Steve Smith

Frequent Flyer - Platinum

Phillip Dexter

Simon Green

Charles Hind

Jamie Pickard