About Suitcase Susie

‘I have always been intrigued by the world at large – different cultures, curious creatures, natural wonders – and this love of the exotic is what inspires me.  As a child I read a book where the main character had a home filled with bits and pieces he’d collected on his travels and it seemed the most wonderfully interesting place to me.

When I was in my late teens in Australia, I picked up an old gramophone from an antique shop in Adelaide where I’m from, and with it a couple of 78s, one of which was a song about a girl who travelled the world only to return home and marry the boy next door.  My sister, knowing my love of travel, said ‘that’s you!’

The song came back to me years later while walking through a park one day and Suitcase Susie was born – or should I say reborn in a different guise. 

Suitcase Susie isn’t about physical things that one collects while travelling, it’s about impressions, experiences and memories.  These are not ‘souvenirs’ as such, they’re ideas and dreams and moments captured.

As much as I love to experience the world, there’s nothing quite like coming back to my own safe and comfortable home to relax, so it seemed appropriate to design homewares with a travel theme.  Who of us hasn’t returned from a trip and said ‘it’s good to be home’?’


Michelle Kent, the designer behind Suitcase Susie, is an Australian by birth, but now lives in London, UK.   She went to university as an adult studying Surface Design at University of the Arts, London.  Favourite travel experiences include helping monks with their English lesson at a university in Thailand, being a little poorly in a wonderful hotel in lovely Udaipur that meant she stayed there longer, and getting lost in the jungle in Borneo.  She hasn’t yet returned home to marry the boy next door…